Why Karoo?

All schools follow the Victorian Curriculum, so what makes Karoo different to other schools?

Why should you send your children to Karoo?

What will Karoo offer you and your child?

In choosing Karoo Primary School, you are choosing a community that values the success of individuals, celebrates diversity and inclusiveness and recognises the importance of community. Our programs are designed to develop not only the intellectual abilities but also the physical, social and emotional needs of all students in a warm, caring atmosphere. We strive to assist all students to be the best that they can be. We encourage and support them to be lifelong learners. We want them to enjoy learning and be sad to leave Karoo, knowing that they have benefitted from their time here. We are committed to making a difference in their lives for all the right reasons.

With community support we established our school values that include Respect, Responsibility, Excellence, Honesty and Fairness, and Tolerance and Understanding. These are the core of what we do and the values are proudly displayed in every classroom and in the school foyer.

Our students …

  • love learning and playing in a safe environment
  • are committed to the Karoo school values
  • begin their formal learning in our exceptional Foundation program
  • benefit from a whole school approach to learning
  • are given the opportunity to grow as community minded citizens through our Student Leadership program
  • have the opportunity to participate in a breadth of extra-curricular programs including sports events, musical opportunities such as school performances, State School Spectacular and instrumental music tuition, a variety of school excursions that support classroom learning, camps, annual reading challenge, and student wellbeing activities such as Kids Hope program and lunchtime clubs

Our Staff …

  • are highly professional who personalize learning, ensuring success for all students
  • are enthusiastic, dedicated and effective educators who stimulate and challenge student thinking and problem solving
  • communicate respectfully with students, parents and the community

Our school community …

  • enjoys the benefits of an enthusiastic and passionate Karoo Parent’s Association (KPA)
  • is helpful, caring and supportive
  • supports students and staff by assisting with reading, book covering, attending excursions and supporting school fundraising and community events
  • benefits from excellent home-school liaisons and community connection
  • is supported by caring, highly regarded Outside School Hours Care program run by School Council, providing care before and after school

Our school provides outstanding facilities, resources and playgrounds including …

  • 24 permanent classrooms including flexible learning environments
  • Year 5 and 6 Learning Common and the Foundation Learning Common have open learning spaces which allows for flexibility in teaching and learning, and allows for a focus on differentiating the curriculum for every student
  • networked ICT facilities in each classroom including interactive whiteboards
  • phone communication with each classroom and specialist areas
  • well stocked Library with student, staff and parent resources, games, ICT equipment and provision for comfortable and inviting reading environment
  • purpose built Art room equipped with art tables, access to undercover areas, a kiln and an extensive range of equipment and materials
  • purpose built Performing Arts room equipped with an extensive range of instruments to support the program
  • fully equipped Gymnasium and Multi-purpose Centre
  • individual heating and cooling in all classrooms
  • designated space for student’s bicycle
  • staffroom equipped with a digital screen and a full kitchen for use by KPA, classes and Integration Aides working with individual or groups of students
  • substantial synthetic grass areas
  • artificial turf including athletics track
  • basketball and netball courts with padded goal posts and rebound wall
  • asphalt areas
  • shaded, safe and secure playgrounds
  • dedicated Foundation playground, accessible only for Foundation students in Semester 1
  • shady retreats and seating provided amongst play areas and well maintained garden beds
  • Community Centre utilised for various programs, and external and partner agencies for student support services
  • Mathematics, Science and Literacy resource rooms, each well equipped to aid in student learning for that subject area
  • rotunda – outside seating area
  • First Aid room (adjoining the administration office) manned by Level 2 first aid trained staff providing first aid support for students, staff and on occasions, parents and siblings
  • Canteen run and supplied by an external provider, offering a wide range of healthy options and catering to a variety of dietary needs (including vegetarian and halal)

Enrolment Information

For enquiries regarding enrolling your child in the current school year,
please contact the school for more information.

2024 Foundation Enrolments (from Term 2 2023)

Enrolling at Karoo is a simple three step process:

1. Collect an Enrolment form

  • Forms can be downloaded by clicking the link.
  • Hard copies can be collected from the school office or mailed to you upon request.
  • An electronic copy can be emailed upon request.

2. Complete the Enrolment form in full, and return it to the school prior August 2023

  • Please read the privacy statement on page 7 of the Enrolment form prior to completing
  • All sections much be completed and signed by both parents/carers.
  • If a student has a specific medical condition, further medical forms may need to be completed on commencing school (eg asthma, allergies)

3. Provide supplementary documents

  • Proof of your child’s age and full name (birth certificate or passport)
  • Immunisation Status Certificate

Once you have submitted your Enrolment form to the school, you will be notified of your acceptance via mail.

School Tours 2023

School tours provide parents an ideal opportunity to see first hand our students in their learning environment, the beautiful buildings and grounds we have to offer, and get a feel for what it would be like for your child to be a part of the Karoo community.

In 2023 our tours run on :

– Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 9:30am from March to August.

– Saturday tours will run at 3pm on March 18th, May 6th, 3rd June and 29th July.

– Afterschool tours at 4pm will run on Monday 1st May and Thursday 18th May (Education Week)

Please contact the school office on 9759 6222 or complete the school tour link to register your interest in having a tour of Karoo Primary School.

School Zones

Our school zone is available on  findmyschool.vic.gov.au which hosts the most up-to-date information on school zones in Victoria.

Students residing within our school zone are guaranteed a place at our school, which is determined on the basis of your permanent residential address.

Our school manages enrolments using the Placement Policy to ensure that students have access to their designated neighbourhood school and may enrol at another school, if there are available places.

For more information, you can:

Book a Tour

Transition Sessions

Pre-School to Foundation Transition

New environments can prove to be overwhelming and schools are no different.  To support our prospective students, Karoo runs a Transition Program which has proved enormously successful.  We provide a series of four sessions during Semester 2, available for enrolled children, with an emphasis on introducing the school environment to them. Experience has shown that our Foundation students settle very quickly into school life when these sessions have been attended. We notice they are familiar with the Foundation classrooms and staff, and have generally already formed new friendships.

‘Kinder to Karoo’ – Online Parent Information Session (for enrolled and prospective families)
Date TBC 2023
Parents are invited to join us for this informative session, when you will hear from the teachers and leaders from our school about Karoo and our teaching and learning. An opportunity to ask questions will be provided at the conclusion of the session.  Open to all families wishing to learn more about what our school has to offer your child.

Foundation Fun @ Karoo (for enrolled and prospective families)
2023 Date TBC
Join us for ‘a taste of school’ – explore the school environment, take part in fun family activities and see what being a part of the Karoo community would feel like.
Open to all families.  Bookings essential – please call the school on 9759 6222

Fitting Into Foundation Transition sessions: 2023 Dates TBC
Session 1:  
Session 2:  
Session 3:  

Session 4:  

Orientation Day
 Tuesday 12th December – Meet your class and teacher

Transition for Pre-school parents
We understand that this can be a challenging time for parents, especially those embracing school life for the first time. During transition sessions, our Karoo Parent Association hosts a parent morning tea in the staffroom providing the opportunity to meet and connect with other parents (morning tea provided). The KPA members are also available to answer any questions parents may have, as they too have experienced how it feels to make that transition from pre-school parent to school parent.

Karoo also offers Parent Information evenings to assist parents in transitioning to the school environment, one focusing on the curriculum and one on what to expect when your child starts school.


Starting School

Children who reach the age of five years, on or before April 30, may commence school in February of that year, however it is advisable to discuss with the Kindergarten teacher the ‘readiness’ of your child to begin school, especially if your child’s birthday falls near April 30.
As the time draws closer for your child to start school, talk positively to them about school. Promote school as a chance to meet new friends, to learn and have new experiences. Visiting the school on weekends and during the summer break prior to starting school can provide a sense of familiarity of the school grounds. There are a number of things that you can do at home to help ready your child for school life:

  • Talk to your child. You are your child’s most significant role model. The more words they know and understand, the easier it is for them to learn to read and write.
  • Listen to your child and take a genuine interest in what they have to say. Listen to whether your child is using the correct word pronunciation.
  • Read regularly to your child and talk about what you are reading. Get them to tell you the story.
  • Develop a sense of confidence in your child by praising any new achievement. Your child will be more willing to attempt new tasks when they are presented.
  • Develop a sense of responsibility in your child by encouraging them to keep their room tidy, put soiled clothing in the laundry, etc.
  • At school, one activity has to be tidied up before another can begin – carrying out basic responsibilities at home helps them accept responsibilities at school.
  • Independence is developed by allowing the child to tackle something by themselves. Parents who do everything for their child are really doing a disservice to them. Children who do not need direction occupying themselves can attempt a greater range of activities, and will consequently learn more.
  • Give your child challenging and interesting things to do. Puzzles, games, sorting activities will make all school work so much easier. Recognising shapes of jigsaws will one day help them recognise the shapes of numbers and words. Give your child blunt-nosed scissors, paper, plasticine, paints, crayons etc. and show your child how to use them.
  • Teach your child to respect other children and their property.
  • Encourage your child to throw and catch balls, run, jump, climb etc. to develop muscle strength and co-ordination.