Karoo has a highly professional team of staff members, who are enthusiastic, dedicated educators committed to learning, and bringing out the very best in our students.


Leadership Team

Principal: Mrs Danielle Heatley
Assistant Principal (Teaching and Learning): Mrs Kylie Middlemiss
Assistant Principal (Wellbeing and Inclusion): Mrs Courtney Hoffmann
Learning Specialists: Mrs Robyn Harris, Mrs Simone Vitas

Teaching Staff

Year 6 team: Ms Claire Moyle (Leader), Ms Shelley Williams, Mrs Robyn Harris (LS) / Miss Cass Blonik
Year 5 team: Ms Michelle Davies (Leader), Ms Gemma Wild, Mr Josh Edwards
Year 4 team: Miss Tanya Mollica (Leader), Ms Karla Marklovic, Mrs Michele Murray / Mrs Simone Vitas (LS)
Year 3 team: Ms Clare McCandlish (Leader), Ms Tia Beagley, Ms Sarah Dobson
Year 2 team: Mrs Karen Corrales (Leader), Ms Sasha Goss, Mrs Kat Bacalja
Year 1 team: Mrs Fiona Marker (Leader), Mrs Alisa Hardware, Ms Eden Benezzi
Foundation team: Mrs Amy Ellis (Leader), Ms Alicia Gropel, Ms Tiana Dias
Specialists: Mr Matt Leeson (PE), Mr Adam Horne (Media & Tech), Ms Katie Smith (Science), Ms Jess Cole, Mrs Jemimah Main, Mr John Oldham (The Arts), Ms Hilary Cheng (Mandarin)

Tutors: Mrs Fiona Marker, Mrs Simone Vitas, Mrs Robyn Harris

Support Staff

Education Support Staff: Ms Maria Dale, Mrs Michelle Fleming, Mrs Robyn Guzzardi, Mrs Jayne Hagan, Mr Tim Lai, Mrs Kerry Legg, Mrs Cei Marasco, Mrs Lisa McDonald, Mrs Marina White, Ms Lindsey Whitehouse, Mrs Joyce Young, Mr Ben McFarlin, Tanya Caulfield, Crystal Bartley, Georgia Lintern

Student Wellbeing Officer: Miss Celeste Dolphin

Office Administration

Business Manager: Mrs Sue Baxter
Administration: Mrs Sally Goyne, Mrs Anna Nicolas, Mrs Karen Sexton, Mrs Kerry Legg

Outside School Hours Care

Mrs Melissa Newlands (Co-ordinator), Mrs Michelle Coulsen (Assistant Co-Ordinator), Mr Tim Lai, Ms Sophie Ma, Mrs Jodie Mitchell