Student Wellbeing Officer

Our aim is to develop a school environment which is safe, flexible, inclusive and fosters collaboration. Our Student Wellbeing Officer attends Karoo three days each fortnight, and provides wellbeing support to students experiencing a range of needs. The Student Wellbeing Officer works from a framework to support students, and aims to promote a whole school approach to wellbeing within the school community through working in collaboration with students, parents, school staff and outside support services.


New environments can prove to be overwhelming, and schools are no different. We take pride in our Transition and Orientation programs designed to enhance student’s confidence and provide a sense of belonging. In addition to our Pre-school to Foundation transition, we offer the following transitional opportunities –

Year 6 to Year 7 Transition

A successful transition from primary to secondary school involves a student being able to move as seamlessly as possible to their new setting. To ensure all students are supported we have effective programs in Year 6 to assist them to transition. These include:

  • Super Speak – assists with confidence and the development of public speaking skills
  • Family Life – program related to puberty and their health and wellbeing
  • Leadership program
  • Public Transport – program for safety

Year 6 Orientation Day : Tuesday 13th December 2022
(Students in Year 6 will attend their Secondary School on this day to undertake orientation activities)

Transition between Year Levels

During Term 4, students from Foundation to Year 5 undertake a series of transition sessions to prepare them for the next year level they will be promoted to. The Transition Programs support students to adjust to change and to understand expectations required in a different year level. Activities are planned to assist students to enhance their confidence and promote new friendships. Knowing what ‘lies ahead’ is important and enhances their readiness to learn.

Transitioning New Students

If your child is due to start at Karoo in the following year, they have the option to join in the Transition sessions set for our Foundation to Year 5 students as outlined above. This provides the perfect opportunity for form new friendships as they familiarise themselves with Karoo’s grounds, classrooms, facilities, routines and staff.

Buddy Program

The aim of Karoo’s Buddy Program is to create friendly and caring primary school communities where strong cross-aged peer relationships can be built and maintained. The Buddy Program helps students to develop positive social skills. The activities focus on core values such as friendliness, responsibility, respect, caring for others, valuing and supporting difference and including others. The program is specifically designed to help children understand and use these values in safe, supportive social settings. At Karoo every Foundation student is paired with a Year 5 student, a relationship that continues into the following year as they become Year 1 and Year 6 respectively.

Our Buddy program:

  • eases the transition into school of younger students
  • builds relationships between peers and multi-aged groupings
  • provides activities that develop essential social skills
  • encourages leadership, responsibility and respect in older students
  • enables youger children to feel safe and cared for while older children feel valued and respected
  • fosters a sense of whole school community
  • extends and enhances a peer support structure already implemented at the school through other programs.

Student Leadership

A  key feature of Karoo Primary School’s success is the active involvement of students.  The school offers a diverse range of leadership opportunities for all students including joining leadership teams and participating in leadership programs. Our student leaders are given guidance, encouragement and support on how to develop the skills, values and attitudes needed to fulfil these important roles.

Through their participation students learn about:

  • public speaking
  • ‘what makes’ a good leader
  • organisational and team skills
  • encouraging and problem solving


Student leaders are our role models, and are required to:

  • be caring, courteous and reliable
  • be capable of doing the job
  • be positive and enthusiastic
  • show empathy towards others and act as good friends would
  • use manners and basic good grace when dealing with other students and adults
  • treat others fairly and honestly
  • be self disciplined
  • show self control of their feelings and actions
  • be responsible and trustworthy
  • be friendly and act like a good friend should
  • work well with others

School Captains

The two School Captains at Karoo are selected at the end of each year, and presented to the school community at a special assembly at year’s end. All students in Year 5 are given the opportunity to nominate themselves for the position of School Captain for the following year, and present a speech to their peers and staff who then select the two most outstanding candidates. Our school captains are the student face of the Karoo, and proudly represent us at a range of events both within and outside the school community. They are regularly called on to greet visitors to our school and act as tour guides on important occasions such as Open Days and school celebrations, represent Karoo Primary School at special ceremonies (such as Remembrance Day), take an active role in our school assemblies, and along with other student leaders, assist with a variety of Karoo events.

 Student Council

At Karoo we have an enthusiastic and dedicated Student Council who have been elected by their peers. Our Student Council is comprised of a representative from each Year 3-6 class and is run with the guidance of staff. Our Student Councillors take pride in representing Student Voice and Agency, and often survey their peers to identify ideas and issues of importance. Regular meetings are conducted in which our Student Council members share their thoughts and findings and organise future initiatives and events.

Our Student Council work together to:

  • organise and run events for students at Karoo to promote school values and for fun
  • organise fundraising events for various charities, special causes and for the improvement of school facilities
  • consult with children in own classrooms and report school-based concerns to School Council.

PLAY leaders

The Play Leaders Program provides an opportunity for Year 5 students to undergo training in leadership skills to organize and run a series of sports games designed for students in Foundation to Year 3 to enjoy.

The program offers Play Leaders new leadership skills and confidence, while creating a positive and encouraging environment for all participants.

The program runs during lunchtimes each day outside the OSHC building.

Creating a positive school environment


Extra Curricular

Karoo students have the opportunity to participate in a range of extra-curricular programs in a variety of ways. These activities change according to availability of staff and student needs. They may include:

  • Sport events (both team and individual)
  • Performing Arts opportunities (school performance and State School Spectacular)
  • ICAS
  • High Ability Extension Program
  • Instrumental music tuition
  • Kids Hope program
  • Lunchtime clubs
  • Whole school events (such as athletics carnival, AFL and Cricket Roadshows, Karoo Christmas Carols)