New environments can prove to be overwhelming, and schools are no different. We take pride in our Transition and Orientation programs designed to enhance student’s confidence and provide a sense of belonging. In addition to our Pre-school to Foundation transition, we offer the following transitional opportunities –

4Year 6 to Year 7 Transition

A successful transition from primary to secondary school involves a student being able to move as seamlessly as possible to their new setting. To ensure all students are supported we have effective programs in Year 6 to assist them to transition. These include:

  • Super Speak – assists with confidence and the development of public speaking skills
  • Family Life – program related to puberty and their health and wellbeing
  • Leadership program
  • Public Transport – program for safety

Year 6 Orientation Day : Tuesday 10th December 2024
(Students in Year 6 will attend their Secondary School on this day to undertake orientation activities)

Transition between Year Levels

During Term 4, students from Foundation to Year 5 undertake a series of transition sessions to prepare them for the next year level they will be promoted to. The Transition Programs support students to adjust to change and to understand expectations required in a different year level. Activities are planned to assist students to enhance their confidence and promote new friendships. Knowing what ‘lies ahead’ is important and enhances their readiness to learn.

Transitioning New Students

If your child is due to start at Karoo in the following year, they have the option to join in the Transition sessions set for our Foundation to Year 5 students as outlined above. This provides the perfect opportunity for form new friendships as they familiarise themselves with Karoo’s grounds, classrooms, facilities, routines and staff.